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            About us

            EMT g 竞彩比分

            Established in 2004, possessing a 2,800-sqm surface area of self-built factory and office building, located in , the largest city in north-east area with the most advanced manufacturing industry in China.

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            竞彩比分about us

            Product center

            Design and manufacture of special pipe fittings such as corrosion coupon, corrosion probe, chemic...

            Application area

            special pipeline for Inject 竞彩比分 is a design, manufacturing and supply of petroleum pipeline fittings and equipment specialist.

            竞彩比分application area

            Oil and gas extraction

            竞彩比分application area

            Pipeline transportation

            竞彩比分application area

            Petrochemical industry

            Inspection authentication

            Cooperative customer

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